You Can't Have My Dog

I guess we've all had situations where things change and people have to figure out what's going & who gets to keep it. Well I wanted to make it absolutely clear whatever you take, it wasn't going to be my dog.

Puppy Dog
(Bouncin in the Box)

So this is the song that started it all. I saw the meme of a dog bouncing in a box and thought to myself, "that pup has rhythm, let me put a beat to it". The Rest is History.

I Know

This is one of my personal Favs because every Dog Person knows all the little emotions running through their Dog's head when you leave, when you come back, when you have company and when you're feeling a certain way.

My Doggy Style

So I have a bunch of kids Bouncin to the Pup so I had to put my spin on the fun life of a dog from it's perspective of course.

Let's Take a Walk

This is for that one buddy. That ride or die doggo. Your Best Hanging Buddy & Social Partner for Life. If you know what I'm talking about then you know what those walks mean to your BF and vice versa.

My Best Friend

Just a tribute to my best friend my best friend, best friend my best friend my best friend. Beautiful and Emotional at the same time.

Smell Up That Butt

You already know! Hit the dog park and turn this up because a Dog's Gotta Do What a Dogs Gotta Do. Smell Butts.

You Me and My Dog

This was made to be a date night song. Easy way to break the ice and make someone feel comfortable knowing that you and them will always have a plus one in yall's lives.

It's My Doggy's Birthday

Why not? Every thing else has a Birthday Song. It was long overdue and time to make one for your favorite Best Friend.

Doggy Bounce Challenge

So it started with a dog in a box and ended up with a bunch of humans posting themselves dancing to the song so I threw in a Dance Challenge verse for the humans.

I'm a Dog
(Good Bad Dog Anthem)

I Had to Do it for those Good Dogs that Sometimes Get into Bad Things. Not only Do they Get into Things But They Know They Shouldn't Be Doing it and That's the Good Bad Dog Side.


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